Super Holly Hansson in: The Rise of the Stumpfinger!

Dave M. Strom

Super Holly Hansson. Comic book writer, geek girl, mightiest superhero on Earth.

Super-strength, super-telekinesis, flight, super-short temper. Billington Stumpfinger. Orange-topped power-hungry bigly fathead (you can guess who he is based on). Powers: Eats money to gain superpower. In these short stories, Billington Stumpfinger rises from failed casino owner (how do you lose money at THAT?!?!) to running for President of the USA. Along the way, Super Holly fights him and other villains, and she works with other superheroes, including her black cowled, caped, body-armored soulmate, Cal "The Intellectual" Critbert, crimefighter and movie critic and her Bat Boy.

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