Watch City Steampunk Festival 2024

Visit the Small Publishing in a Big Universe Marketplace at the Watch City Steampunk Festival 2024!

May 11, 2024

Waltham, Massachusetts

Watch City Steampunk Festival 2024

Steven D. Brewer


Steven D. Brewer has been a fan of science fiction and fantasy stories for as long as he can remember. He still remembers getting scolded for not reading chapter books in fourth grade because he was avidly consuming The Hobbit late at night, by flashlight under his covers. And he probably got his copy from his older brother and most important mentor.

Arasibo Campeche


Arasibo Campeche is originally from Puerto Rico with a PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics. He writes science fiction, fantasy, and horror that’s often inspired by scientific principles. He has several books in progress, but his passion is the short story..

Susan McDonough-Wachtman

Susan McDonough-Wachtman has been writing since grade school. She has tried her hand at children’s stories, short stories, romances, historical novels, essays, fantasies, mysteries, science fiction, numerous letters to the editor, and a blog.

Marlena Frank

Marlena Frank is the author of young adult fantasy and horror novels, including several books that have hit the bestseller lists. Readers’ Favorite has praised several of her books with 5-star reviews. Marlena has various professional memberships, including the Atlanta chapter of the Horror Writers Association and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association.

M.D. Neu

Growing up in an accepting family, internationally award-winning author M.D. Neu always wondered why there were never stories reflecting the diverse queer society. Surrounded by characters that only reflected heterosexual society, he decided to change that and began writing, wanting to tell epic stories that reflect our varied world. When not writing, M.D. Neu works for a non-profit in Silicon Valley and travels with his husband of twenty-plus years.