Angels Adrift

The Z-Tech Chronicles: Book Five

Ryan Southwick

Orwing Industries has kidnapped Anne’s family in a final play for world domination. It’s the last mistake they might ever make.

Life in Resistance Headquarters isn’t what Anne expected. Charlie is taking his loss harder than anyone imagined, and everyone is looking to her — a career waitress—for solutions to problems ranging from personnel conflicts to an escalating nuclear threat between world powers. Only with the support of her daughter and her amazing Z-Tech family can she hope to stay sane, let alone steer the rickety ship of the Resistance to safe harbor.

Even that small peace wasn’t meant to last. Orwing Industries has teamed up with the malevolent alien force behind the vampire plague. Together, they aim to finish what the aliens started thousands of years ago.

A strategic strike leaves the Resistance hurting and Anne missing a beloved family member. Z-Tech must scrounge the last of their dwindling resources and call in every favor to have any hope of getting him back, and of turning the tide of a losing battle for their very planet.

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