Lost Colonies: Book One

Ryan Southwick

Two friends, divided by tragedy, race to thwart an insidious plot that threatens humanity’s survival across the galaxy.

10,184 A.D. Britta is heir to the Silverstar legacy and the youngest ambassador in Galilean history. Crystal is the smartest scientist in ten generations and is happy to live in her lab without talking to anyone—except Britta. Even diametrically opposite interests haven’t managed to separate these childhood friends whose journey has led them to a space station orbiting Enigma, a planet with strange atmospheric properties that nullify their technology.

A tragic drop-ship disaster leaves Britta stranded on the planet’s surface, and Crystal fleeing for her life. Each possess a critical piece to diffusing a plot that may allow their ancient enemy to annihilate the Lost Colonies Alliance, from outside and within.

Equipped with only her prized hairpin, Britta must survive a harrowing trek across a primitive landscape to have any hope of helping the colonies, while Crystal must embark on a mad flight across the stars in a desperate mission to save her own colony, who are also hunting her for the alleged murder of Britta.

Timers on both sides are ticking. If either fails to reach their goal, it could spell the end for the entire human race.

Enigma is a science fantasy adventure set in the expansive Lost Colonies universe.

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