Fireborn Series: Book Three

Vanessa Ricci-Thode

Spark tries not to think too much about dragons. Those unlucky enough to be seen within the city are captive beasts chained to industry, and her family’s continued support of what dragons remain in the wild has left them as outcasts on the edge of society. Spark’s only concern is to keep her family safe in the bubble of their farm.

When her unparalleled fireborn power draws the attention of her city’s brutal magistrate, he sends his dragons to kill Spark’s entire family. She narrowly escapes and must take refuge in the human settlement beneath the dragon city. She sets up shop as a blacksmith and tries to build a new life. After learning the shocking truth of her mother’s fate and why the magistrate wants Spark dead, she must grapple with the effects of her mother’s legacy before her untamed power proves as much threat to her friends as the magistrate does.

Because the magistrate has not forgotten about Spark or her power. If she hopes to avenge her family and protect her new friends, she must win over the persecuted dragon population. But winning a dragon’s trust is no small feat.

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