Rosewood Penny: A Sapphic Epic Fantasy

J. S. Fields

The dragons of Yuro have been hunted to extinction.

On a small, isolated island, in a reclusive forest, lives bandit leader Marani and her brother Jacks. With their outlaw band they rob from the rich to feed themselves, raiding carriages and dodging the occasional vindictive pegasus. Thanks to Marani’s mysterious invulnerability, this mostly works out well…until Marani and her quirky band of outlaws plunder the carriage of the very bossy princess Nuria.

The princess’s carriage contains not just gold, but a dragonscale comb that belonged to Marani’s murdered mother. Worse yet, Princess Nuria seems to know exactly who Marani is, maybe more than Marani herself.

Marani hatches a plan to retrieve her mother’s comb, seduce the princess, and make her entire bandit crew rich in the process. But island politics and the island of Yuro itself have other things in mind. Marani and Jacks quickly find themselves caught between warring monarchies, trade disputes, feral pegasi, and a very old, very concerning family lineage—all bound within an old penny, a mouthy princess, and a stolen comb.

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