Sea of Betrayal

Mitchell Sam Rossi

Two men. A father and a son. Their destinies separated by forty years, yet secretly bound by the most daring covert operation ever undertaken by America’s silent service.

When Brian Bovan, a gifted Naval officer is denied the command of a U.S. ballistic missile submarine and forced into early retirement, he finds his dismissal is not the result of his own failures, but that of his father who was branded a traitor during World War II. Growing up idolizing the man as a heroic submarine commander, Brian is stunned to find his father betrayed his country.

Determined to right his father’s legacy, Brian becomes a target of violence as his search threatens to reveal long-hidden corruption and greed amongst the powerful men who once commanded the military forces of the Pacific. He soon travels the same path across the Pacific taken by his father on the most secretive mission ever devised by the U.S. Navy. A covert operation to send an American submarine into the Imperial Navy’s most formidable naval base to do the unthinkable — rendezvous with the enemy.

To prove his father’s innocence, Brian must find answers amongst the ghosts of war and the forgotten wreckage at the bottom of Truk Lagoon.

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