The True Son

Vanessa MacLaren-Wray

It’s a lie that I murdered him.

As foster-son to the king, Corren’s technically a candidate for the kingship, a position filled only at the discretion of the matriarchs of Jeska. He doesn’t want the job — Corren’s goal in life is to be the best guardsman ever, become a senior commander, and serve at the word of his foster-brother Tymon. Everybody loves Tymon: intelligent, handsome, kind, and generous.

Unfortunately, there’s one more candidate: the king’s true-son, Yutek-en, who’s determined to claim the post. Yutek-en craves control. He relishes hurting people, and loves nothing more than being hated. His toughest victim is Tymon, who endures worse torture than anyone, but won’t beg for mercy.

Corren’s had enough.

No matter what, he’ll protect Tymon — and Jeska — from this monster.