Complicated: The Interstellar Life and Times of Saoirse Kenneally

Colin Alexander

Where is the hero who will save the people of a distant world from a brutal dictator and stop the flow of a deadly drug to Earth?

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Saoirse Kenneally is nobody's idea of a hero. An alcoholic and an addict, she has been disowned by her family. None of the rehabs she has been in will take her back. And she just woke up in jail. Again.

All Saoirse wants is to stay out of prison. Her one chance: commit to a two-year term of off-planet service. Her first hurdle is making it through training because Saoirse has a way of finding trouble even when she is trying to behave. Then she is posted to Saturn's moon, Titan, where every move she makes leads her into a web of corruption, interstellar drug smuggling, and violence. It is a path that leads to another star and a world engulfed in power politics. Saoirse never planned on being in combat, but real life has a way of interfering with her plans. If she cannot overcome the obstacles she faces, the consequence will be an interstellar disaster.

Can a twenty-year old woman with a checkered past, a tenuous grip on sobriety, and an on-again off-again relationship with the truth save an entire world from a bloody power grab? And can she save herself too?

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