Fault Zone: Detachment

San Francisco Peninsula Branch of the California Writers Club

Thirty-nine interpretations of one word: detachment.

Every two years, Fault Zone editors challenge writers to stretch their imaginations in response to a single-word spark. This year, “detachment” has drawn forth a fascinating array of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. You’ll find intriguing science fiction, laugh-out-loud humor, and thought-provoking stories drawn from real life … alongside strike-to-the-heart poetry, lyrical storytelling, exciting adventure, and slice-of-life family drama.

Featuring works by Tom Adams, Doug Baird, Sue Barizon, Eva Barrows, Scott Best, Lawrence Cohn, Jo Carpignano, Tim Flood, Heather E. Folsom, David Harris, Laurel Anne Hill, Audrey Kalman, Nirmy Kang, Amy Kelm, D.L. LaRoche, Evelyn LaTorre, Lucretia Leong, Ida J. Lewenstein, Vanessa MacLaren-Wray, Ellen McBarnette, Richard E. McCallum, Patricia McCombs, Lisa Meltzer Penn, Margaret Nalbach, Bruce Neuburger, Luanne Oleas, Korie Pelka, Miera Rao, Cheryl Ray, Carol Reade, Harlan Suits, Anne Marie Wenzel, Alisha Willis, Mickie Winkler, and Nanci Woody.

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